Did You Know

Monthly Promotions and Awards—CO’s Parade

What is a CO’s Parade?

The Commanding Officer’s Parade (CO’s Parade) is a monthly inspecton of our cadets in their full uniform and prepares them for their Annual Parade which occurs at the end of the training year. Cadet’s stand proudly at attention while our Commanding Officer completes an inspecton of each flight. This is the time when our cadets receive promotons, awards and recogniton. New recruits are sworn in after completng their new recruit training. The CO’s Parade occurs on the last Tuesday of each month.


The Uniform

It’s important for our Cadets to keep their uniforms in pristne conditon. When you signed up signed an enrollment form. By signing the enrollment form you took on the responsibility for all parts of your Cadets uniform. As a result, your Cadet is always responsible for all parts of his/her uniform. The following rules should be followed:

1. Do not leave the uniform lying around

2. Cadets should mark their name in every piece of the uniform

3. Return damaged or poorly fiƫng pieces of the uniform to Captain Pengelly. New pieces will be issued. If a uniform piece is being returned due to damage, then Cadets should be ready to explain why and how the piece was damaged.

4. You must return the uniform promptly if you leave the squadron.

· Badges are NOT to be glued or machine sewn on. Hand sew badges onto the tunic and use matching thread. When purchasing thread for your cadet, take the badge to the store with you to colour match

· When hemming pants, DO NOT cut the excess material. When a cadet outgrows a pair of pants, the returned pants are re-issued to another cadet.

· DO NOT use a sewing machine to hem pants. This leaves a permanent mark on the pant leg making them unusable once returned. Instead purchase hemming tape from the local fabric store. Hemming tape is a woven material that when ironed infuses the hem to the pants. Hemming tapes also allows for easy removal when the hem needs to be let down.



What is Tagging?

Tagging is one of 713 Thunderbolt Squadron’s major fundraising actvites for the Cadet program. Tagging takes place twice a year, once in the Fall and once in the Spring. All tagging takes place over an extended weekend, starting on a Thursday evening and finishing up Sunday aternoon.

Session are divided up into 5 blocks— Thursday evening, Friday evening, Saturday morning, Saturday aternoon and Sunday mid-day. All Cadets are expected to partcipate in a minimum of 3 shits during the tagging weekend.

Cadets are expected to be in full uniform and the uniform must be in pristne conditon. New recruits are required to wear a white collared shirt and black pants (no jeans please).

Cadets are posted at the entrances to local businesses throughout Stoney Creek/East Hamilton who have graciously given us permission.  Cadets are representng the 713 Thunderbolt Squadron and the Cadet Movement as a whole and therefor it is very important that the Cadets uniforms are clean, neat, ironed and boots are shined. They must also greet the customers politely while asking for a donaton to the squadron in the form of cash and in exchange hand the customer a ‘tag’, hence the ‘Tagging’.

All Cadets tag in groups of 2 or more with the maximum being 4 cadets (depending on the number of entrances for a the local business). Junior Cadets are always placed with a cadet who have completed more than two tagging sessions in the past while new recruits are always placed with a senior cadet.

All Cadets are given instructons on how to greet customers and how to politely ask for donatons. Cadets are also instructed on how to respond to individuals who as inappropriate questons.


Parent involvement during our Tagging weekends is very important. Parent volunteers are required to drive Cadets to the various businesses. While most locatons do not require a parent to stay with the Cadets, we do have a couple of locatons that DO require a parent to stay present. We also ask parents to provide snack items for the Cadets to enjoy at the end of the tagging shits (no nuts please). A member of the Squadron Sponsoring Committee will be forming a ‘Tagging Sub-Committee’ to help run the Tagging event. We will be contacting parents to assist us with the various dutes.