In any Air Cadet Band, there is always a large sense of commitment on part of it's members that is needed to ensure the success of the band. Not only is this evident in the successes of the 713 Thunderband, but it is also evident that there is a great sense of family in the music program.

When cadets join the band, they are creating for themselves a new extended family, a support unit to foster their interest in learning about music.

We have put our concentration this year, into making the Thunderband culture a fun one, and one where everyone achieves success in learning music, in an open, and accepting environment. If you're interested in joining a music program that will give you the experience of a lifetime, don't forget to bring your commitment, because it is going to be a long, exciting adventure this training year!




On Saturday May 5 2018, the band of 713 Squadron Royal Canadian Air Cadets participated in the Ontario Regional Band Competition. 713 Squadron under the command of Capt. Miles Markovic, CD with musical support of CI Dawn Owen demonstrated honour and integrity in this year’s performance. 713 performed an original song (lyrics and music), composed by Cpl William H. Right, CD of the Regimental Band of the Governor General's Horse Guards. Right's musical piece called "Going Home" was composed in remembrance of fallen Canadian Soldier Cpl James William Ogilvie, who succumbed to injuries while serving in Bosnia Herzegovina.

It is an Officers greatest accomplishment to see Cadets develop a sense of duty, to fight for what is right, and to want to remember our fallen brothers and sisters who died so that we may enjoy the freedoms we have.

This year 713 Thunderbolt Squadron performed "GOING HOME" to give homage and respect: respect to those who have come back with scars that may never heal, and those who may never feel the sun on their face, or a hug from their child. 713 Cadets showed tremendous courage and integrity, performing a song not heard by many. However, the meaning behind the lyrics of the song were felt in the heart of our Cadets and staff alike.

The band was able to work with a brilliant composer, Cpl William H. Right, CD who allowed our Cadets to perform his song with all the humility and honour it deserves. Our cadets and staff will forever be touched by this man who sees only to help others, and taught our Cadets the meaning of service and sacrifice.

The staff of 713 Thunderbolt Squadron Royal Canadian Air Cadets, are proud of the work put forth by our band on May 5, we are as well honoured to be part of history, teaching our Cadets that music can heal, music can teach, music is love.

Well done 713 THUNDERBAND


May 05 2018



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